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Case Study

Jyve's Data Culture

Jyve uses Mode to see the big picture and free up time company-wide.

Jyve is a platform that matches retailers' needs and people's skills to get the job done.

Key Insights

  • Quick and easy onboarding

  • Single source of truth for company health

  • Automate reporting to stay ahead of challenges

Folks using the talent marketplace—also called "Jyvers"— pick up jobs and help brands to stock, order, and audit merchandise within a store. In turn, brands and stores get a full picture of product placement and fulfillment. As Jyve expands nationwide, they're constantly looking to fine tune efficiencies and gain a holistic view of their system health.

Building a Culture of Analysis

When Jyve got started, they didn't have a lot of data to analyze. But they knew that they'd need a foundational analysis and curiosity to be successful.

Jyve has fostered a culture of analysis, by using Mode to directly query their data sources with SQL. It only took a day for analysts and engineers to build valuable reports and from there, product managers joined Mode to make better decisions with data.

From an analyst perspective, adopting Mode is a no brainer.

A huge plus to Jyve was the ease of on-boarding, so that their team could get set up and start answering mission critical questions quickly. Mode's intuitive, analysis-first platform allowed the analyst team of three, to move mountains in a short amount of time. Co-founder and CTO Sam Purtill was impressed with the quick turnaround from adoption to insights.

“From an analyst perspective, adopting Mode is a no brainer.” says Purtill. “I don't know why everyone isn't using it.”

A Complete View of Jyve's Health

With Mode in place, Jyve now had the tool to create an overview of total systems health. One of the first dashboards created was a daily breakdown that included ROI, contractor payouts, and regional market performance. Purtill says this report was imperative for building the high-level picture of Jyve's health. Purtill notes, “This report is so helpful, because before we had it, we couldn’t see the big picture of what was going on.”

We want to see the spikes, and we're notified when something big changes.

With various markets, clients, and Jyvers, there are multiple endpoints that require monitoring to keep the Jyve system at a healthy stasis. For example, each morning, Jyvers can see open jobs that have been released and choose their schedule for the day.

Jyve maintains their API to respond extremely quickly when jobs are distributed, and they closely monitor any anomalies. The team built a report that leverages SQL and moving averages in Python to see where spikes and dips in performance occur. To make sure jobs are efficiently filled, “we want to see the spikes,” says Purtill, “and we're notified when something big changes.”

It would be impossible to create an accurate, up-to-date report of this information with individual, siloed SQL and Python clients. Mode streamlined the advanced analysis that keeps the user experience steady. According to Purtill, integrated SQL and Python has been a huge lever for monitoring performance, “with these 21 day moving averages, we see response times and can track how new releases affect our platform.” Mode reports allow the team at Jyve to identify and fix bottlenecks, before customers feel the impact.

Free Up Time Company-Wide

People at Jyve uses Mode to research and answer questions about system health, and also to distribute reports across the company to keep everyone on the same page.

Jyve's team of three analysts generate a huge amount of value, as their work begins with ad hoc investigations, and then turn those into automated reports, which provides value org-wide by allowing a larger group to get insights from the work of a bootstrapped team. “People see a need and solve the problem once for everyone else.” says Purtill. “Mode empowers smaller teams to create impactful work.”

Mode empowers smaller teams to create impactful work.

Automating regular reporting at Jyve frees up analysts time, so they can dive into key markets, and make sure that they're never caught off guard. For example, analysts and leads will look into a region, say Chicago, and make sure that they'll have enough contractors available to fill the 500+ jobs needed tomorrow. Automated reports that dive into the Jyver pipeline help the entire company to be successful.

Jyve's high-level reporting and granular system monitoring reassure Sam, “Mode is by far and away the best tool on the market to figure it all out.”


Mode users

1 day

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daily report runs


Mode users

1 day

time to value


daily report runs

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