Dashboards for every team

Auto-updating metrics powered by SQL, Python, and R

Making a dashboard has never been easier.

Run analysis in the languages you already know and love. Then pipe data directly into dashboards. No proprietary tools required.


Query. Chart. Repeat. Format your dashboard and share it instantly.


On-brand reporting keeps people focused on the details that matter.


Dig in, ask harder questions, and drive collaboration across teams.

Stay on brand

Quickly swap out our standard light and dark themes for a custom theme perfectly tailored to meet your brand guidelines.

Data that’s always fresh

Set up reports to run on a schedule, and seamlessly deliver to teams where decisions happen.


Set regular updates


Track from across the office


Chat about performance


Deliver each morning


Level up your wiki

"Reports that look and feel like the Everlane brand help internal teams buy in, leading to more informed decisions across the business."

Matt Hogan — Engineer

Open the door to new questions

Explore any dashboard element with a click. Then share a direct link in Slack to kick-start collaboration around new questions.

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