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Introducing AI Assist

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Watch the Exclusive Deep Dive into AI Assist

Efficiency in Data Analysis through Flexible SQL

Join the product and design team behind AI Assist to learn all about this latest release. We’ll share an overview of AI Assists capabilities and common use cases, but also go into the why behind what we built and what we intentionally did not build.

You’ll discover:

  • How AI Assist seamlessly blends natural language with SQL, empowering analysts to work with speed and efficiency.

  • New ways to streamline workflows, enhance analyst ergonomics, and turbocharge the speed of data analysis by eliminating redundant tasks.

  • Valuable insights from the members of the product and design team behind AI Assist


Florian Schouten, VP of Product Management

Sara Vredevoogd, Director Of Product

Sam Novak, Lead Product Designer

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