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Your Guide to Navigating the Top 10 Data Trends of 2024

Data tools are evolving, job descriptions are blurring, and everyone keeps asking how you’re using AI to do more with less. But the jury is still out—as evidenced by recent OpenAI headlines—and you’re likely still trying to find genuinely beneficial use cases for AI in your day-to-day workflow.

Here’s the deal:

The true impact of the Data Renaissance lies in your ability to create new avenues for collaboration between the business and data teams. By transforming the way your organization values and leverages the power of data, you can lead your team to achieve the greatest work of their lives.

This Ebook is your guide to:

  • Distinguish the real opportunities from the fake

  • Navigate changes in data products and best practices

  • Build the right data team to scale for future success

…and that’s just the start. We’ve also included perspectives from business leaders and product pros, so you can get the full picture as you plan for 2024.

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