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Meet the only data platform designed explicitly for analysts and data scientists

Our specialized workflow helps data teams solve problems and share answers in record time.

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Equip everyone in your organization

Get fresh data

Create a data-informed culture, where everyone knows where and how to access the latest data. Decision-makers can access accurate data whenever they need it, without running to analysis teams at the last minute.

Interact with data

Mode lets viewers start from an analysis and explore on their own to get to the root of questions. Drill down on a particularly interesting data point, or zoom out to get a different perspective.

Automate everything

Create schedules to rerun critical reports every week with the latest data and drop reports seamlessly into your team's Slack channel. Use webhooks to set up alerts for when key metrics fall above or below certain thresholds.

Deliver data to your customers

Run analyses in Mode and pipe data directly into your app while ensuring the right customer gets the right data. Even use your own custom HTML and CSS to make sure the data matches your brand.

Embedded Analytics

Build trust around data

Mode Business is designed to address the challenges of consistently delivering high quality analysis.


Write Definitions for commonly used logic. If the schema changes just update the Definition, and the changes will get propagated to underlying reports.

Version control

Built-in version control enables complete visibility of what changes that were made and why. Roll back reports to previous versions, and even see the data associated with old runs of the same code.


Mode reports are organized into Spaces where membership is easily managed and controlled by report creators and admins. Go further by logging database access by user when queries are run against your data warehouse.

Priced to fit your needs

Mode Business has customized pricing options to fit your analytics needs. Pricing is based on the scope of your deployment, organizational requirements, and the number of users.

What you'll get

Mode Studio
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Mode Business
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Analysis SQL, Python, and R analysis
Built-in charts
Collaboration Unlimited & private Spaces
Collaborative report editing
Sharing External distribution*
White-label embeds*
Visual data exploration Refresh data anytime
Filters & Parameters
Interactive charts
Automation Schedules
Advanced security User permissions
Dynamic query headers
Limited query access
Premium support Live in-product chat
Account management team
*Available as an add-on for Mode Business Customers

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