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Summertime Gladness: Mode Gets Better

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Katie Lane, Product Marketing Manager

July 25, 2018

2 minute read


Some subtle, yet significant updates from the last quarter

We are always looking for ways to improve Mode. Sometimes this means adding completely new features, but other times this means taking a close look at all of the little details that make up the every day Mode experience, and figuring out how to make it even better. This quarter, we have been steadily pushing out subtle improvements to refine and perfect the way Mode works. Here is a quick rundown of some of our favorites.

Run status in your browser tab


Have you ever started a report run, switched tabs to work on something else, all the while wondering... “Is that report still running?”

That's why we decided to build some info about the status of your report right into your browser tab. Now, the Mode icon in your browser tab will update to show you if a run is still in progress, failed, or successfully completed. You'll have one less thing on your mind, and can quickly jump back in when you see that green check.

Sync your Mode reports to GitHub


Another recent update to Mode lets you sync your queries, Notebooks, Definitions, and pretty much everything else to GitHub. This has been one of our most-requested features, and for good reason.

Want to know which Notebooks Jerry edited last Tuesday? Just check his commits in GitHub. Want to make a bulk change across 35 queries in 12 different reports? Now you can do so using your favorite editor, push to the master branch in GitHub, and see your changes automatically reflected in Mode. The list goes on. Check out the docs to learn how you can take advantage of our Github sync.

Note: This feature is for Mode Business users, so get in touch if you want to learn more about it.

Sideways charts


Over the past few months, we've also added a ton of new chart types. For all of our vertical bar charts, we have added their horizontal brethren. Just click the swap button after you've made a bar chart to see which orientation works best.

New database connectors: Timescaledb, Mariadb, and Aurora

Finally, we are always working to add support for all of the many places your data lives. We've recently added support for three new database types: TimescaleDB, MariaDB, and Aurora. And if you don't see what you're looking for, make sure to let us know in the new chat right in the database connection flow, so we can add it to the list.

If you are a Mode customer, head on over to the product to check out these features live. If you aren't, you can get started with a free Mode Studio account.

Need to brush up on your SQL or Python? These tutorials will walk you through examples in your brand new Mode account using real world data.

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