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Hello, Slack Enterprise Grid!

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Emily Ritter, VP of Marketing

January 31, 2017

1 minute read


Back in December, we brought customers 12 new features in 12 days, including the highly requested Mode Slack app. People are now sharing hundreds of Mode reports with their teams on Slack each day. From daily dashboards to in-depth reports, data is chiming in more than ever to help people make game-changing decisions.

Today, along with a whole host of other Slack apps that help teams get their work done faster and more collaboratively, the Mode Slack app is ready for Slack Enterprise Grid! 🎉

Slack + Mode

Together, we're transforming how work gets done. Mode streamlines analytics: starting all the way at the beginning in an analyst's SQL editor, straight on through to the dashboards teams rely on each morning. And, Slack Enterprise Grid is making it easier than ever to get data into everyone’s hands.

To get started with Mode for Slack Enterprise Grid, head here for the details. It takes just a couple of minutes to get all set up!

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