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The Feature on Every Analyst's Wish List: Highlight to Run

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Nick Binder, Product Marketing Manager

December 6, 2016

1 minute read


Today, as part of our effort to deliver 12 highly requested “Wish List” features in 12 days, we're adding highlight to run to the SQL editor! Highlight to run is as easy as it sounds—highlight a portion of code, and hit Run (or + return on a Mac and Ctrl + return on a PC).

Run selected query text

With the new highlight-to-run functionality, you can test SQL as you go and iterate faster. When writing complex queries that contain many nested SELECT statements, it's often difficult to troubleshoot. highlight to run enables you to start at the inner-most nested statement, highlight it, run it, and expand outward until you find you the error.

As an analytics platform built by analysts, for analysts, we're constantly looking for ways to streamline workflows. The little things add up!

Highlight to run is feature #2 in a series of 12 features we're rolling out before next Friday. Yesterday we added Discover, your one-stop shop for all things Mode. Tomorrow? A big one.

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