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A Note On Donald Trump

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Mode, Mode

January 30, 2017

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On December 20th, 2016, the day the Electoral College made Trump's presidency official, we sent this internal letter to the Mode team. Now, as his widely condemned campaign promises become policy, we're compelled to say this publicly.



When Mode collectively wrote our values, we firmly defined where we stand on diversity, inclusion, and decency. Our values outline the things we demand of each other within these walls—and our hope for the world outside.

Donald Trump's campaign and victory, and the reactions to them, have changed the world in ways we can't ignore.

During his campaign, Trump attacked immigrants—which some of us are. He bragged about sexual assault—of which some of us are victims. He encouraged violence against minorities—groups many of us belong to. He threatened principles core to our democracy—rights many of our loved ones have fought and sacrificed for.

Since his election, Trump has elevated the most abhorrent segments of our society. He continues to normalize behavior that denigrates, marginalizes, and physically endangers the most vulnerable among us. These actions, if translated into policies and laws, threaten our freedom and liberties.

What we value at Mode will not change.

Inside these walls, we remain vigilant against hate and discrimination. We will fight for an inclusive environment, and protect those who do the same. We continue to welcome open, respectful communication and act in ways that strengthen trust in one another.

  • To the threatened among us, Mode is committed to being a place you feel at home. We vow to keep the ideas that jeopardize your safety and dignity out, no matter how normalized they may become.
  • To the troubled but unthreatened among us, we ask for your support. Fight for those now forced to fight. Take risks for those now put at risk.
  • To the untroubled among us, we ask for reflection. When some of us see Trump, we hear the racists who slurred our names; we see the predator who assaulted us; we feel the pain our grandparents feel when they see their grandchildren being forced to now fight for the same respect they fought for. If you've ever found inspiration or motivation in your coworkers, look to them again for inspiration here.

The moral arc of the universe may bend toward justice—but it doesn't do so of its own accord. No matter how far our country's trajectory veers away from the values we hold, Mode remains committed to turning ourselves and our communities toward diversity, toward inclusion, and toward decency.

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