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Make a Statement. Then Make Another One.

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Nick Binder, Product Marketing Manager

December 15, 2016

1 minute read


Today we're releasing the #1 most requested SQL editor feature: support for multiple SQL statements in one query. Hello, temp tables!

Combined with other brand new editor-focused features—highlight to run and query history—multiple SQL statements help analysts save even more time with Mode.

Temp table

Using multiple SQL statements, you can do much more than pull data back from the database. You can add variables and functions, manipulate data, define search paths, and even create temp tables.

For example, suppose you're writing a query that references the same aggregated dataset several times. You can use multiple statements to first create a temporary table of these aggregated values, and then run your query against that table, potentially making your query run much faster.

One more to go!

We're so excited to get this powerful feature into your hands. Be sure to keep the questions and product feedback coming—we're here to help!

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