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How to Find the Best Data Jobs

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Liam Hausmann, Content Marketing

September 14, 2017

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Pairing great data talent with great data jobs

As an analyst, finding a great job can be tough. We're all too familiar with this here at Mode. The analysts among us have been there ourselves, and we constantly hear from community members about the headache of finding relevant data jobs. Thanks to the murky use of keywords like "analyst" in job posts, job hunting means wading through a swamp of irrelevant posts. So, we decided to make our own job board; a curated list of the best data jobs.

The demand for data talent in the private sector has grown dramatically in recent years, and this trend is accelerating. We frequently speak with hiring managers that lament the long hiring cycles for data talent, due to the competitive nature of the talent market and the nuances of finding the right candidates.

Lots of variables come into play on both sides of the table. Employers want workers with a certain amount of experience in the workforce, specific levels of education, and proficiency with their existing toolset. Talented candidates want to work on interesting challenges, and at companies with promising business prospects. They want to build experience with datasets and tools that will help them get better at their craft while pursuing the career of their dreams.

We see this challenge firsthand every day

At Mode, our goal is to give people everything they need to be great analysts. We have an intimate understanding of the skillsets organizations look for in analysts, so we've built resources to help you get there: SQL School, the new Data Analyst class in partnership with Udacity, and the Mode community site. Tens of thousands of talented people have used these resources to learn new skills and improve their craft. Now the Data Jobs Board will make it easier than ever to take the learnings from these resources into the real world.

The best data talent and the best data jobs, now all in one place

Today, we're announcing a new resource for the data science community to help wistful data talent and managers pining for their next superstar. Mode's new Data Jobs Board lists great jobs for analysts, data scientists and data engineers at exciting companies doing cutting-edge work. The jobs in this list will be a fit for talented data people who want to work on challenging problems as part of an exciting organization. Some of the companies use Mode, but many do not.

This list is absolutely not comprehensive; there are many jobs out there that fit the criteria we're looking for, but are not included here. That's why we made it easy for hiring managers to submit open jobs for data talent: just fill out this form. Between visitors of this job board and the greater Mode community, you'll have a strong candidate pipeline in no time.

Some data about these data jobs

We're curious people, so we examined the jobs we accumulated for this board and identified some trends. Job seekers may be able to use this data to understand what types of jobs to examine and which skillsets are in most demand. Hiring managers may be able to use this data to better structure and explain the jobs they're looking to fill.

For this jobs board, we included only posts that include SQL as a core skill, as it is the common language for data analysis. The chart above shows how frequently other skills were included in these posts. Some skillsets appear far more often than others.

Large, active communities of developers, analysts, and companies have developed around open-source tools like Python and R. These communities and the resources they've built have created enormous value for businesses, making open source tools very popular among companies using data analysis to tackle impactful problems. As a result, open source tools are much more common in these job postings than proprietary technologies like SAS, SPSS and Stata. Python's edge over R in these job posts reflects the observation by KD Nuggets that Python is overtaking R in data science and machine learning platforms. There's also the inherent biases of the dataset to take into account. We pulled many job postings from customer companies, and given Mode's Python support, it stands to reason that there would be a strong showing of Python-related jobs.

Though they leverage similar toolsets, the experience and education expectations of Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Data Engineers vary widely. For instance, there are plenty of positions for both Data Analysts and Data Scientists that expect very little professional experience. However, Data Scientists are typically expected to have significantly more education; the majority of Data Scientist roles prefer candidates with a Ph.D. At the same time, there are some roles for Data Scientists that require more professional experience than any of the others, with one Data Scientist post seeking candidates with 12 years of experience.

Data talent and hiring managers will use this job board to get great jobs, find the right candidates, and build better teams. If you're looking for your next great gig, look no further. If you're hiring for data talent, make sure to submit your job to the list!

Visit the Data Jobs Board today.

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