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Webhooks and the Mode API are here

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David Wallace, Data Science Evangelist

November 16, 2017

2 minute read

Analysts turn to Mode as the toolkit of choice for their work: SQL and Python-powered data exploration, visualization, and advanced analytics, delivered to teammates via accessible and interactive dashboards.

As important as the work itself is how it gets delivered to teammates throughout an organization. That's why we continue to double down on easy-to-access, interactive reporting anyone can use as a jumping off point for visual exploration and new answers.

These are the workflows that have guided and will continue to guide our design philosophy.

At the same time, it's becoming increasingly clear that the data our community preps, explores, and shares using Mode has even more potential. You've told us you want to do more with this data, by integrating it back into your larger ecosystem of tooling.

That's why today Mode is launching webhooks, and along with them, we're officially opening up our API.

Mode webhooks

Webhooks are a lightweight way to build workflows or real-time notifications based on events in Mode. Examples of events in Mode include reports being created, report runs starting or ending, or definitions being updated. (For a full run-down of webhooks events currently supported by Mode, see here.)

When you combine webhooks with the Mode API, the possibilities are only limited by what you can dream up. It's easy to use webhooks, for example, to send a Slack notification when new members are added to your organization or a new data source is connected.

Webhooks new org member

Webhooks can also let you dig into your report data and automate workflows based on that data. Say, for example, you use Mode to track key metrics like conversion rates or daily purchases. You can add webhooks to programmatically monitor the data as it changes with each report run, and to build custom, real-time alerts when key metrics fall below or rise above a certain threshold.

Webhooks threshold alert

Check out our API reference to see the all data you can securely access and leverage using webhooks in Mode.

Start building

To dive right in and get started with webhooks, check out the documentation.

Or, to see more of what's possible, head over to the forum to see a showcase of examples and join the conversation. You can also check out our GitHub repo for examples of building webhooks, including sending data from Mode, triggering custom alerts in Slack, and logging your Mode usage stats.

With the API and webhooks, we're opening up the Mode ecosystem to ever greater connectivity. And we're more excited than ever to see what you build.

Questions? Feedback? We love hearing from you. Send us a note at hi@modeanalytics.com, or start a chat in the product.

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