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Now Live: Easy Python Library Updates With Python Edge

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Hien Phan, Product Marketing

August 18, 2020

1 minute read

Feature release: Mode's Notebook Edge

Today we’re launching Python Edge to create a smoother experience when Python library updates occur.

See how it works:

What is Python Edge?

Python Edge is a new alternative production environment where Mode Notebooks users can interact with updated versions of supported Python libraries, while still delivering fast, quality insights to business teams.

Notebooks users can now update their syntax over time using Python Edge before any library upgrades take place to the broader Python environment. With Python Edge, stakeholders won’t experience any disruptions from library upgrades.

Today on Python Edge, you will find the following updated libraries:

  • Plotly 4.1.1
  • Plotly Express
  • Cufflinks 0.17.3
  • Plotly-Geo 1.0.0

Why we built Python Edge: Improving the Notebooks experience

We want our users to spend less time deciphering Python library dependencies and more time working with their data, which is why we created Python Edge.

Every time a library updates, data teams have to fix or remove syntax that is no longer supported while models are in production. This issue creates a disruptive experience for analysts and stakeholders who depend on the reports those Notebooks are powering.

Python Edge will now give analysts more time to update reports, try out new functionality, and test business-critical Notebooks, after a library update takes place.

Getting started with Python Edge

To access Python Edge, go into any report, and click on your Notebooks tab. On the right-hand sidebar, click the drop-down menu for Python, then click on Python Edge.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 8.18.08 PM

Python Edge delivers peace of mind for Notebook users

Notebook maintenance should be simple, it shouldn’t disrupt live dashboards or reports. With Python Edge, you'll now have uninterrupted workflows during the next Python library update.

To try Python Edge, get in touch.

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