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Preview Definitions, Right in the Editor

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Nick Binder, Product Marketing Manager

December 16, 2016

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We launched Definitions back in September to help analysts save time writing queries and establish trusted business logic across projects. To cap off our 12 days of new features, we're making Definitions even faster.

Definitions—saved snippets of SQL—help you reduce hundreds of lines of SQL down to a simple, bracketed reference. A la {{ @defintion_name }} . To quickly join Definitions with other, one-off logic, it's helpful to understand its nuts and bolts. We've added a Definition preview right in the Editor, enabling you to review its logic more quickly.
Just hover over the Definition to access the preview:

Definitions preview

Empowering teammates with Definitions

Definitions make SQL more straightforward for teammates just starting to use the Editor on their own. In a Definition, analysts can define complex joins that require deep understanding of the database schema and remove complexity for other users.

Let's say a support team dashboard, powered by a Definition, leads to new questions about customer types. A simple SELECT * FROM {{ @definition_name }} enables the support lead to explore the dashboard's underlying data, without writing hundreds of lines of SQL.

With Definition previews, the support lead can review logic as they go, diving deeper and deeper into the details of the business logic—and find new insights on their own.

Remember—when you edit a Definition, it impacts every query where a Definition is referenced, so don't move too fast.

That's a wrap

Today caps off 12 straight days of new features. Along with Definitions previews, we've packed Mode with tons of other features to help you move quickly in 2017.

Whether it's powerful features for analysis, like highlight-to-run or multi-statement queries, or new ways to share insights, like Slack sharing or White-Label Embeds, Mode gives your company a central data hub to turn to for answers.

If you have any questions about the new features, or want to request any items that are on your wish list that we might have missed, just reach out to us at hi@modeanalytics.com—we love hearing from you!

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