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Custom Data Visualizations in the Workplace

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Nick Binder, Product Marketing Manager

April 6, 2017

2 minute read


Analysts at companies of all sizes are pushing beyond ordinary dashboards and charts, using custom data visualizations to deliver high-impact data stories to their colleagues.

Data teams can use a wide range of visualization techniques, whether its writing CSS to ensure dashboards are on brand and grab coworkers' attention, or building interactive data tools with more advanced Python and D3.

We invited the heads of data teams from leading Bay Area technology companies—Kai Chan from Envoy, Scott Ziolko from Good Eggs, and Matt Isanuk from Thumbtack—to share their highest-impact work, how projects are conceived and received, and tips for identifying when to to invest in custom data viz.

Check out the recap video to learn more.

  • 5:00—Kai Chan discusses how Envoy builds customized dashboards for displaying in their office.
  • 15:15—Scott Ziolko shares the the custom dashboard Good Eggs uses to forecast inventory for product. Learn more about how Good Eggs used this report to drive a 50% operational gains.
  • 23:20—Matt Isanuk walks through how Thumbtack explores different data slices across their 1000+ market categories and geographies using custom treemaps.
  • 34:15—The panel, moderated by Mode co-founder Benn Stancil, offers tips including: important considerations to avoid overlooking, what tech is worth investing the time to learn, and when to invest the extra time in customization.
  • 45:45—Open Q&A, discussing how to build out a data team, how to choose which projects to work on when your data team is overloaded with requests, and how to choose a visual that best communicates an insight.

If you're looking for further inspiration, check out more visuals from other Mode customers, or head over to our examples gallery for templates to help get you started.

Sign in today to give a try! If you have any questions or feedback, let us know at hi@modeanalytics.com or by chatting with us right in the product—we love to hear from you!

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