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Crowdsourcing Labor Day Adventures

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Emily Ritter, VP of Marketing

August 21, 2014

2 minute read

With just over a week left before we put our white pants away (or not—who does that?), we teamed up with our friends at CrowdFlower to start building a map of outdoorsy adventures we could do this Labor Day in state and national parks across the country.

The "crowd" is a force to be reckoned with: CrowdFlower contributors clean and label your data—from analyzing sentiment in newspaper articles to identifying clouds in satellite images—with impressive speed and accuracy.

For this project, contributors visited the websites of nearly 4,000 parks to find out which activities are allowed where. CrowdFlower then used Mode to open the entire enhanced dataset for analysis. To learn more about how they approached the categorization project, check out their blog post.

Whatever adventure you seek—be it biking, hiking, stepping back in time, or just hanging out—our nation's parks are your oyster this Labor Day weekend.

Take the data on new adventures

You can query the data in one click here or use the “clone” button from the report to start exactly where we left off. What could you find if you remixed it with county population data? Or added your own dataset of National Park visitor statistics? Or tried to determine the best route for one epic road trip to all the National Parks (someone's earning their Junior Ranger badge!)? Any dataset you upload to the public data warehouse can be joined to this one (or data uploaded by anyone else).

This map is just a first step; we're planning to continue working with CrowdFlower to add to more helpful content over time. What additional information would you to see us add to the enhanced data set? Tweet at @modeanalytics to let us know.

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