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Accessing Reports from Multiple Spaces

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Nick Binder, Product Marketing Manager

October 13, 2016

1 minute read

Last month we launched our new Spaces feature to make it easier to organize reports around teams and projects. Analysts quickly found a good analysis created for one team could be useful for many others. It was just too hard to pick the one-and-only space where a report should live.

That's where the new shortcuts feature comes in. Now you can access reports from multiple Spaces by using shortcuts. Analysts can build and maintain a single report, and allow business partners to easily discover the analysis from the Space they visit most.

Create a shortcut

Detailed curation, easy delivery

You can create a shortcut from the Query Editor or when previewing a report on the home page. Simply choose Create shortcut from the context menu, and choose the Space where you want to add a shortcut.

Create a shortcut in Spaces

Suppose you're putting together a presentation for an upcoming board meeting, and you create a Space to organize the relevant reports. Your marketing team wants to highlight the huge traffic spike they drove last month, and would like to show off their go-to dashboard to the Board. Rather than recreating the report for the Board, just add a shortcut and the report will appear in the board meeting Space.

Create a shortcut

Jump into Mode to experiment with this powerful new curation feature. If you have any questions, reach out to us at—we love hearing from you!

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