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Get More Done With the New API Cookbook and Developer Docs

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Leqi Long, Senior Customer Success Engineer

March 27, 2019

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As a long-time member of Mode's success team, I've had countless conversations with customers looking for ways to automate common tasks and better manage the work they do in Mode. For example, lots of people ask us for help performing bulk actions. Is there a way to delete a batch of reports in my personal Space, or move reports in batches? Or how can I bulk update query texts or Definitions, and not have to hunt around for all the places these might be hiding?

The Mode API was built to perform exactly these kinds of tasks. Today, we're announcing the newly designed Mode developer site. The new site contains extensive documentation of commonly used API endpoints, plus a few new ones. We've also added an API cookbook to give you templates for common tasks. These new resources make it easier than ever before to build with Mode.

In the new API cookbook, you'll find recipes to help you programmatically manage your organization with ease. As one customer recently wrote to us,

“Is there a mission control panel where I can get a birds-eye view of all reports in my organization?”

Yup, you can do this with the API— here's a script to help you do so, along with detailed instructions. You'll also find example scripts to help you batch export your reports to CSV or PDF format, schedule report runs, or delivery by Slack or email.

The revamped site also provides detailed documentation of a few new endpoints. For example, you'll now find docs to help you programmatically update your schemas, manage user groups, or manage who has access to a given database connection.

Mode's mission has long been to build the best possible workflow for analysts. That's why, in the coming months, we'll continue to add new endpoints and create new examples to help you build, automate, and scale your work in Mode. Have questions or requests? Send us an email at hi@modeanalytics.com or chat with us in the app—we love hearing from you.

And happy coding!

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