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If Artificial Intelligence Wrote the Presidential Acceptance Speech

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Joel Carron, Data Scientist at Mode

November 3, 2016 3 minute read

Clinton and Trump are two of the most unpopular presidential nominees in U.S. history. That made us wonder: Would we be better off if a machine wrote their speeches?

United States presidential acceptance speeches follow a predictable formula: thank the American people, congratulate the opponent on a hard-fought campaign, and promise good things to come. Are they predictable enough that a machine could learn to produce a presidential acceptance speech of its own?

To find out, we assembled a dataset with every presidential acceptance speech from 1960-2012. We trained a long short-term memory (LSTM) Recurrent Neural Network on the dataset using TensorFlow, and asked the model to write an acceptance speech.

Below is the result, with some light formatting to aid readability.

American community, our volunteers, the new country can feel a nation! Yes, I will do great, parents. My victory tonight is superb. First, thank you. I will concede to our nation on this pavement to America.

We have a life, and you the great people, have an enemy. Meet Americans. We say, “At noon some sacrifice for Washington.”

States, the election consensus, you differed all two-hundred. And nation, with the journey is America. In the defenses save no good thing: the best for our country when we can't, and harmony toward Bob governor.

From 4 telephone States, I had not sleeves and humility— ask the institutions. And Lieberman must thank hundreds of us and not serve Texas. We end in depths and common. The Governor worked his young potential.

I live in our day, America. Together, I grow - among all in destiny. Joe would forget God and others—yet seizing a supporter's time.

Tonight, however, the politics are alive. What you in our society need, you never do— hope, love. All people forward!

There are mean New States. Within the fought America, from the voted, its future. ... in its purpose. Yes generations. Together you said the victory of this human-- grateful to serve 18‐hour Dan.

And I want new Security, founded for peace. And easily we say that she's always in the Carolina of opportunities.

This record expressed the tremendous victory for our country, for being cynical, and honest, and tapped an absence— to be the best at watching on the phone.

My victory today, together, won the office. All the bombs true tasks each have hope. Bush and scorching George, shall reform 4 nation, the matter threatening my daughters.

Iraq and all, the same chance for hope. Country nations, for you, magnificent opportunities. A new world's record without a campaign divided. Forget people that campaigned passions, again, who pay with their families to every United This America.

And the problems today, their mortgage, inflation in disagreements too, disappointed they're not a house of politics. The nation ladies saw their complete world office. We will think through all God until behind. His chance teachers far.

Let the great no phone Obama build us radios. Your spending states and Birmingham seize this family. We wish you, warrior girl America, humbled who press and seek her much.

Brave American steps, on the harbor of here, have some who worked. Friends... county! Together with politics—you make my obligations build in our congratulations. It's the country that I have. Americans started the quarter of dangerous tonight. I will do our command because that's America. The campaign of joyous government like her chairman parents.

I will start pulling the victory troubles under joyous Republicans. All, all to joy, Americans on this President!

Tonight with you, summon God's feel, rather genius wisdom but cleaner, the message to our tolerant pride. From a nation of confidence. Witness my love spoken in America. Towards the storm.

If you're interested in learning more, Max Deutsch created an awesome guide for writing with artificial intelligence.

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