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AI Assist

Flexible Query Writing with Gen AI

Write complex queries more efficiently by seamlessly integrating natural language into your SQL workflow leading to faster and enhanced business insights.

An AI Assistant Built for Analysts

Unlike other AI solutions, AI Assist is designed to enhance analysts' existing workflows, aligning with the way they think, with a blend of flexible query writing and natural language.

Reduce repetitive work

Save time and reduce tedious work by augmenting existing queries with natural language to produce variations with ease.

Ensure accuracy

Lean on a reliable proofreader, leveraging GPT to ensure consistency and accuracy across different syntax formats and varied database environments.

Keep analysts in control

Empower analysts with transparency, flexibility and control over what GPT suggestions are used, and which are not - curating what you run against your database.

Enhance Analyst Workflows with AI

Describe the data you want to join on, have AI Assist fill in the specifics.

Blend NL and SQL

Incorporate natural language directly in your SQL by adding a special AI comment type.

Analysts in the Loop

Review SQL suggestion provided, take what you want - leave what you don’t.

Provide feedback

Continuously improve results by providing feedback directly in the feature.

Dive in, share out

AI Assist is just the beginning.

Get more from your data

Your team can be up and running in 30 minutes or less.

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