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Today's Top Hit: Modern BI

The force multipler for data teams who turn insights up to 11

Today's winning companies are using modern BI tools, built around data teams. They're no longer sacrificing the speed and flexibility needed to work on cutting edge problems in order to build and maintain self-service reporting. Join them.

Leading companies rely on Mode

Mode enables me to do my job better, and if I can empower other people to do their jobs better, then we can grow together.

Neil Chainani
Data Science Lead

For data teams that think outside the Bach

Game-changing insights aren't found in a dashboard. Mode enables data experts to work with speed, outside of rigid data models, with any data you load into your data warehouse. Data teams win their seats at the table for strategic decisions, when their creativity is unleashed to find and share answers to at the speed of your business moves.

Amplify your long-term partnership

Great self-service dashboards and reporting most often start with ad hoc exploration. With Mode, reusable assets are built using the code you know and love. Support evolving reporting needs more quickly than you could in your traditional BI tools. Plus, with our dbt Semantic Layer, your modeled data is ready to serve up organization wide, in just a couple of clicks.

It's time to take a look at Modern BI

See Mode in action

Get an overview of Mode’s core capabilities across both ad hoc analysis and self-service reporting, all in a single platform. Watch collaborative analysis in action with a real-life example of a data team and business team working together to rapidly answer questions, test hypotheses, and drive business outcomes.

Mode is modern BI

Mode is the central hub for your organization’s analysis, uniting data teams and business teams around data to drive business outcomes.

Flexibility first

Designed around a data team's go-to workflow, there's nothing standing between you and better insights.

Power tools for all

Empower everyone to find their own answers by curating data that inspires confident self-serve reporting.

Source of truth

As the central hub for analysis, you'll spend less time about who's number is right, and more time learning from the data–and each other.

Rapid ROI

Unlike traditional BI, you can be up-and-running on Mode in minutes.
12+ months of BI implementation is a thing of the past.

A fully integrated suite of analytical tools—for everyone

Dive right into your data using SQL and rapidly iterate through queries to deliver results.

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Join a live group demo

Get a firsthand look at how Mode helps data teams deliver high-impact ad hoc analysis and self-service reporting in one platform.

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Spotify, get more from your data

Let us show you how Mode helps data teams deliver high-impact ad hoc analysis and self-service reporting in one platform.