Daily Activity

This query returns your Workspace’s daily usage for each of the last 90 days. Usage metrics include, but are not limited to report views, and query/report/visualizations created.

  report_views AS (
    SELECT DATE_TRUNC('day',rv.viewed_at_utc) AS day,
           COUNT(rv.report_id) AS report_views,
           COUNT(DISTINCT rv.viewer_id) AS viewers,
           COUNT(DISTINCT rv.report_id) AS reports_viewed
      FROM mode.organization_usage.report_views rv
     WHERE rv.viewed_at_utc >= CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() - INTERVAL '90 DAY'
     GROUP BY 1

  reports AS (
    SELECT DATE_TRUNC('day',r.created_at_utc) AS day,
           COUNT(r.id) AS reports_created,
           COUNT(DISTINCT r.creator_id) AS report_creators
      FROM mode.organization_usage.reports r
     WHERE r.created_at_utc >= CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() - INTERVAL '90 DAY'
     GROUP BY 1

  query_runs AS (
    SELECT DATE_TRUNC('day',qr.started_at_utc) AS day,
           COUNT(qr.id) AS query_runs,
           COUNT(CASE WHEN qr.is_scheduled = TRUE THEN qr.query_id ELSE NULL END) AS scheduled_query_runs,
           COUNT(CASE WHEN qr.is_scheduled = FALSE THEN qr.query_id ELSE NULL END) AS unscheduled_query_runs,
           COUNT(DISTINCT qr.runner_id) AS query_runners
      FROM mode.organization_usage.query_runs qr
     WHERE qr.started_at_utc >= CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() - INTERVAL '90 DAY'
     GROUP BY 1

  visualizations AS (
    SELECT DATE_TRUNC('day',v.created_at_utc) AS day,
           COUNT(v.id) AS visualizations_created,
           COUNT(CASE WHEN v.is_saved_exploration = TRUE THEN v.id ELSE NULL END) AS explorations_created
      FROM mode.organization_usage.visualizations v
     WHERE v.created_at_utc >= CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() - INTERVAL '90 DAY'
     GROUP BY 1

    SELECT rv.day,
           NVL(rv.report_views,0) AS report_views,
           NVL(rv.viewers,0) AS viewers,
           NVL(rv.reports_viewed,0) AS reports_viewed,
           NVL(r.reports_created,0) AS reports_created,
           NVL(r.report_creators,0) AS report_creators,
           NVL(qr.query_runs,0) AS query_runs,
           NVL(qr.scheduled_query_runs,0) AS scheduled_query_runs,
           NVL(qr.unscheduled_query_runs,0) AS unscheduled_query_runs,
           NVL(v.visualizations_created,0) AS visualizations_created,
           NVL(v.explorations_created,0) AS explorations_created
      FROM report_views rv
      LEFT JOIN reports r
        ON r.day = rv.day
      LEFT JOIN query_runs qr
        ON qr.day = rv.day
      LEFT JOIN visualizations v
        ON v.day = rv.day
     ORDER BY 1