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Mode vs. Metabase

Today’s marketplace requires truly modern business intelligence tools that offer a quick path to insights for anyone in the business in addition to robust, explorable data visualizations. One without the other isn’t low cost - it ends up being more costly in the future.

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Business Intelligence beyond simple dashboards

Mode is the only platform that offers several starting points to create deeply explorable visualizations. Data teams can create visualizations using SQL–and a single SQL query in Mode can power multiple visualizations and notebooks. Business users can easily build data visualizations and reports from comprehensive and contextualized Datasets or dbt metrics vetted by your analyst or data team.

Metabase makes it easy for business teams to create simple dashboards, but when they need a separate tool for deeper analysis, insights often become siloed and fragmented within the data team.

Visual thinkers welcome

Drag-and-drop your way through governed datasets and metrics, iterating through as many visualizations as you need to understand your data and find that aha moment.

Simple charts

Spin up bar and line graphs, pie charts, pivot tables, and more in seconds.

Multi-faceted, multi-dimensional

Building complex charts is possible with drag-and-drop charting visual analysis that is anything but basic.

Endless iteration

Visualize your data, then quickly iterate through as many versions of the chart you need to get your point across.

Put it all together

Start with your trusted data, build your visualizations, then share your
insights across your organization by building your own one-off report
or always-on dashboard with the most relevant data to your team.

Text write-ups

Don't just share the charts. Give them context with a quick explanation.

Plenty of charts

Add as many visualizations as you need to monitor your metrics or share your insights.

Automatic refresh

Reports built on datasets are automatically refreshed based on the dataset schedule.

Schedule and share

Schedule once, and don't think twice about automated sharing of your reports over Slack or email.

Always accurate

Reports powered by dbt metrics are 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

Automatically updated

Reports built on curated data sources like datasets and dbt metrics will automatically be updated when any foundational data changes.

A solution that scales with you

With Mode, growing organizations can scale faster because our single platform centralizes your data and analysis in one place—enabling advanced analytics and self-service visualizations without the need for point solutions.

Free and easy business intelligence tools don’t provide enough analytical value, vetted insights, or technological infrastructure to scale a business. It's common to quickly outgrow capabilities and end up transitioning off the tool or filling the technical gaps that don’t satisfy the needs of more data-savvy teammates.

No hidden costs

At first glance, the cost and service of on-prem solutions is hidden with Metabase. While it may seem more cost-effective to choose the free, open-source, or lower-cost option - these costs end up being hidden in areas you’ll pay for later. With tools like Metabase, these hidden costs manifest for your business in lack of support, your internal costs to host, headcount to maintain the systems, and the cost of supplemental standard analytical tools like SQL, Python and R integrations— all living outside of Metabase.

Not only does Mode offer a solution that scales with your business, but it also comes with an award winning team that’s with you every step of the way.

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Mode is modern BI that puts data teams at the center

Data tools for everyone

Fast, easy set up

Iterative ad hoc analysis

Integrated Python & R Notebooks

Advanced analytics

Custom data applications

Explorable dashboards

Robust, flexible visualizations

Self-serve reporting

Award-winning support

Centralized data hub

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Mode for Early-Stage Startups

If you’re an early-stage organization ready to grow with analytics that scale with you, check out our program where you can get all of Mode at a fraction of the price.

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