The complete iterative analytics workflow—
in one tool

Don’t make decisions based on static TV dashboards. Dig deeper and iterate quickly with Mode, the fast, flexible front-end for the modern data stack.

With Mode:

  • Connect directly to your data warehouse in minutes

  • Flow from data to dashboard to Notebook (and back)

  • Collaboratively build with shared SQL, Python, and R code

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Ease of setup


Ease of use


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With Mode, you can

  • Connect to your data sources in minutes

    with a fast, easy setup process.

  • Build, share, iterate, and extend data insights

    with intuitive, interactive analysis for both analysts and business users.

  • Write SQL directly against your data warehouse

    without the need for tedious data prep.

  • Filter, aggregate, and analyze data at the speed of thought

    with Helix - a powerful in-memory data engine that can visually explore up to 10GB.

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