Cloud SQL Editor

SQL-powered business intelligence

Designed to query all your connected cloud warehouses. Iterate quickly through raw data to answer questions at the speed of today’s businesses.

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Rapid iteration

Iterate through multiple queries on the same set of results, and build out queries to understand go-to data or a brand new source – all on a single browser window.

More than a little box

Unlike legacy business intelligence tools, we don't relegate you to a glorified modal for copying and pasting SQL you’ve already written somewhere else.

One query, many charts

Build as many visualizations as you need on top of one query – or jump right into a Notebook for advanced analysis in one click.

SQL is better in business intelligence

Deliver insights to stakeholders more seamlessly – in their go-to home for data – and easily jump into other modes of analysis.

Mode customers lead their industries

Mode is incredibly valuable as a full stack, full-service platform from a data analyst all the way to an end user. Analysts can go deep, end users get the data they need, and our team gets to make everyone a part of the data strategy.

Adam Smith
Analytics Manager

Get more from your data

Your team can be up and running in 30 minutes or less.