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Mode vs. Hex

Today’s marketplace requires truly modern business intelligence tools that prioritize a user-first choice of analysis including SQL, Python, and R-notebook workflows for everyday analysts in addition to robust visualizations for every team and business user—all in one place.

A fully integrated suite of analytical tools

Mode supports multimodal analytical needs including SQL, R-Notebooks, Python and performs the work of many standalone tools with built-in robust visualizations for business users. With Mode you don’t need to purchase multiple point-solutions to actualize the power of your data. Mode is modern BI uniting all teams - in one place.

Hex is designed to be a point solution used alongside your BI tool. It is built for technical users, and has over-indexed on ad-hoc analysis while offering limited and sub-par visualization capabilities. Implementing Hex will continue to drive silo’s between data and business teams and ultimately lead to increased costs by requiring multiple tools to provide insights.

Visual thinkers welcome

Drag-and-drop your way through governed datasets and metrics, iterating through as many visualizations as you need to understand your data and find that aha moment.

Simple charts

Spin up bar and line graphs, pie charts, pivot tables, and more in seconds.

Multi-faceted, multi-dimensional

Building complex charts is possible with drag-and-drop charting visual analysis that is anything but basic.

Endless iteration

Visualize your data, then quickly iterate through as many versions of the chart you need to get your point across.

Put it all together

Start with your trusted data, build your visualizations, then share your
insights across your organization by building your own one-off report
or always-on dashboard with the most relevant data to your team.

Text write-ups

Don't just share the charts. Give them context with a quick explanation.

Plenty of charts

Add as many visualizations as you need to monitor your metrics or share your insights.

Automatic refresh

Reports built on datasets are automatically refreshed based on the dataset schedule.

Schedule and share

Schedule once, and don't think twice about automated sharing of your reports over Slack or email.

Always accurate

Reports powered by dbt metrics are 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

Automatically updated

Reports built on curated data sources like datasets and dbt metrics will automatically be updated when any foundational data changes.

Insights at the speed of business

Mode fosters collaboration that leads to faster data-driven business decisions. By empowering data teams to dive deep into ad hoc questions with a fully featured SQL editor, Python/R notebooks, and Visual Explorer - analysts are able to iterate quickly and generate deep insights. From insights to action, it’s a few clicks away within Mode as sharing insights does not require any replication or tool switching.

While Hex has a comparable Notebook environment, it is not made for collaboration. Sharing insights generated from Notebook cells with business stakeholders is extremely difficult. As a point solution often deployed alongside another BI tool, sharing insights means toggling between tools and importing their findings—which means they’ll need to create a new data model and replicate their insights every time they want to share.

Collective Intelligence

Mode unifies data teams and their stakeholders with a central platform built with collective intelligence. Mode provides a starting point for everyone as analysts are able to begin analysis using a code-first approach while non-technical users can explore existing insights or build their own reports from Datasets vetted and curated by the data team —no tool switching or new model building required.

Mode is incredibly valuable as a full stack, full-service platform from a data analyst all the way to an end user. Analysts can go deep, end users get the data they need, and our team gets to make everyone a part of the data strategy.

Adam Smith
Analytics Manager

Mode is modern BI that puts data teams at the center

Data tools for everyone

Fast, easy set up

Iterative ad hoc analysis

Integrated Python & R Notebooks

Advanced analytics

Custom data applications

Explorable dashboards

Robust, flexible visualizations

Self-serve reporting

Award-winning support

Centralized data hub

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Get more from your data

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