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Visualize your data with drag and drop

When you need to analyze data visually, or find your next business-shifting aha moment, call on Mode’s Visual Explorer.

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Iterate rapidly

Quickly iterate through chart types thanks to the Helix data engine’s ability to ingest large datasets.

Highlight key trends

Change the color or form of individual chart elements, and show off your ideas with clarity and style.

Build hundreds of visualizations

Get ahead of your colleagues’ questions with visualizations that help you answer before they ask.

Easily visualize complex data

Backed by a powerful in-memory data compute engine, Mode makes it possible for anyone at your company to explore your data quickly – whether you're starting from a SQL query result or a reusable dataset.

Mode customers lead their industries

Mode is incredibly valuable as a full stack, full-service platform from a data analyst all the way to an end user. Analysts can go deep, end users get the data they need, and our team gets to make everyone a part of the data strategy.

Adam Smith
Analytics Manager

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