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Self-service dashboards for all teams

Creating dashboards is how you get data out of the warehouse and into the business. With Mode, data teams can build powerful reporting in record time – and business teams can use them as jumping off points for self-service.

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From big picture to specific KPIs

Code-free, interactive dashboards that anyone can build. That’s what we’re talking about here. With Mode, these curated Datasets let anyone in your organization build the dashboards they need to get to the heart of their questions – and insights.


A chart often answers one question, but then inspires five more. With explore, report viewers can use standard reporting as a starting point to delve into more of the data.


We make it simple to create report variants powered by a set of underlying queries. It’s a great way to reduce report sprawl while giving business teams the flexibility they need to safely look up customer info, pull A/B test results, or anything else.


Filters are your go-to for specifying time periods, marketing channels, event types, and more because they let your report viewers home in on data at the same time your data team is sifting through it – without rerunning underlying queries. That’s a major, and welcome, reduction in data warehouse load.


We love the smell of fresh data in the morning. To keep your data at its peak too, set up automatic report refreshes with Mode, and the latest data will be ready when your teammates typically view reports, which also means fewer concurrent dashboard runs.


What could be better than teams bonding over data? Let Mode help you set automations to share your reports with stakeholders through email or Slack. You can also share a link to your report so that your data is front and center whenever decisions are being made.

An exploratory dashboard, a tool for understanding

Any chart in a Mode dashboard is a launch pad for deeper exploration. Simply click Explore to access all the power of Visual Explorer.

Custom dashboards, building blocks for next-level reporting

Mode's single platform enables data teams to design all kinds of data delivery, going far beyond dashboards. Mix and match text, notebook output cells, and more to build completely custom internal data tools – all in one place.

Mode customers lead their industries

Mode is incredibly valuable as a full stack, full-service platform from a data analyst all the way to an end user. Analysts can go deep, end users get the data they need, and our team gets to make everyone a part of the data strategy.

Adam Smith
Analytics Manager

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