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Mode’s newest feature is live in beta: Datasets. Datasets are a reusable and curated foundation for self-service, that makes maintaining and scaling your data, efficient and cost-effective. Datasets creates a layer between your data warehouse and Reports, allowing for more control over governance, centralized logic, and data usage.

It's time to get more from your data

The modern data experience requires a full reframing of people, processes, and tools: less service desk, and more influence. This starts with centering your data team to drive driving from the front office—not the back. Own, create and maintain the central data hub everyone relies upon to make confident, accurate data-driven decisions, regardless of their data analysis skillset. This is the future of business intelligence.

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We are really focusing on delivering data products vs. just dashboards. Now, we make sure what we are building is not just a few users but is for everyone.

Damir Uzunic
Director of Business Intelligence

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