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Efficiency in Data Analysis through Flexible SQL

We're excited to introduce our newest capability: AI Assist, bringing the ability to generate SQL with the assistance of AI to Mode. We believe it has the potential to bring significant value to your organization.

To ensure that we provide the best possible experience for our customers, we kindly request that anyone who wishes to activate AI Assist within the Mode workspace first fill out this form.

The information you provide will help us tailor our support, understand your specific needs, and ensure that you receive the most benefit from AI Assist. Your input is invaluable, and we appreciate your interest in getting started with AI Assist.

Workspace admins in your organization may be notified that you've requested access.

Features of Mode AI Assist security, powered by OpenAI:

  • Mode leverages OpenAI's GPT API.

  • OpenAI complies with SOC2 Type II for data security and privacy.

  • Mode sends query syntax and table column names as part of the GPT prompt.

  • OpenAI does not use this data or metadata for retraining the model.

  • Mode has a Data Privacy Agreement (DPA) with OpenAI, which protects the privacy of Mode customer metadata shared in the API request. OpenAI does not retain any data sent by Mode.