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In uncertain times, you can’t afford a tool that doesn't provide immediate value. You need the power of a fast and flexible platform.

Mode can help.

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Data governance isn’t the answer

Looker users can do more with Mode than just create dashboards and maintain data governance.

They can flexibly explore data, uncover fast insights, and make confident decisions within minutes.


of Fortune 500 companies
rely on Mode.

With Mode, you can

  • Achieve ROI within 30 minutes

    with Mode’s fast and easy implementation process, excluding any need to learn a new language.

  • Get started with little data modeling

    by directly querying your database using SQL.

  • Connect and gain insights from any data source

    with Helix - a powerful in-memory data engine that can visually explore up to 10GB—faster and with less database load.

  • Predict future performances

    with machine learning capabilities like R and Python Notebooks.

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