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Visual Explorer

for Data Exploration

The visualization builder for busy analysts

Quickly iterate through data-heavy visualizations

Explore large datasets with ease

Switch between data-heavy visualizations fast with Helix—our revolutionary data engine.

Generate limitless visualizations

Prepare pivot tables, data facets, combo charts, dual axes with multiple measures, and more.See more in our Field Guide

Visual Explorer is a game-changer for exploratory analysis.

Ben Paul — Data Science Manager at Calm
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Test hypotheses faster

Iterate through our collection of chart types quickly with Helix’s ability to ingest large data sets.

Deliver easy-to-understand insights

Highlight key insights

Link visual elements, like size or color, to your data and expressively represent your findings.

Create data aggregations,
more simply

Perform codeless Quick Calculations and transformations without writing additional SQL.

Control chart colors to highlight key fields

Helix and Visual Explorer work together

How it works

Helix ingests up to 10Gb of data to help you build more descriptive charts using Visual Explorer.

The award-winning data engine bypasses the memory limits inherent in web browsers by processing data server-side.

Visualize. Iterate. Discover.

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