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Considering Tableau?

In uncertain times, you need more than just data visualization, you need flexible and collaborative modeling tools.

Mode can help.

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Mode is more than just pretty charts

Tableau users can do more with Mode than just visualize data and create dashboards.

They can flexibly explore their data while uncovering insights, deliver value to their customers, and help their organizations navigate uncertainty.


of Fortune 500 companies
rely on Mode.

With Mode, you can

  • Get started in minutes

    with an easy implementation process and little data prep, directly querying your database with a cloud-based SQL editor.

  • Connect and gain insights from any data source

    with Helix - a powerful in-memory data engine that can visually explore up to 10GB—faster and with less database load.

  • Predict future performances

    with machine learning capabilities like R and Python Notebooks.

  • Collaborate across teams

    on one single share cloud-based environment.

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Mode helps enterprise and high-growth companies