Go beyond the product dashboard

Adoption, engagement, and retention are only a starting point for product leaders.

In this webinar, learn to make roadmap decisions with iterative analysis.

Drive product-led growth with data

You won’t find valuable answers on adoption, engagement, and retention through out-of-the-box product reports.

Learn to use Mode to

  • Uncover the surprising features that are most predictive of customer retention.
  • Analyze nuanced usage questions to make iterative product decisions.
  • Combine qualitative and quantitative analysis to connect customer satisfaction to adoption.

Determine your next big decision with Mode

The answers to how people use your product, what drives retention, and what your roadmap should look like are not in your dashboards.

These answers lie in the layers of iterative analytics work that come before a single starting question, and Mode lets you go back and forth from question to query in a single platform.

Most BI tools that track product behavior and adoption don’t go this deep--they just confirm what you already know.

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Watch the webinar to learn how to use Mode to make product decisions

With Mode, product analysts can

  • Get started in minutes

    with an easy implementation process and little data prep, query your database directly with a cloud-based SQL editor.

    Read how to build a modern data stack in 30 minutes
  • Connect and gain insights from any data source

    to understand how your product metrics fit into the full picture of your customers.

  • Collaborate across teams

    with SQL-first and drag-and-drop workflows in one platform.

  • Iterate to drive growth

    by asking, tweaking, and answer questions as quickly as they come up.

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