Answer More Complex Questions in Mode than Periscope

Combined BI and data science workflow.
Preferred by the data team.
Deliver explorable advanced analysis and interactive data applications.

Let’s talk about up-leveling your data team.

We’ll evolve with you as your data grows in volume and complexity.



Interactive data science
Mode has combined modern BI and data science workflows.
Interactive visualizations on millions of rows
Self-serve reporting for day-to-day questions
Results can be extended with drag-and-drop tools
Data-team preferred
Mode’s workflow is designed for how analysts work.
Feature-rich SQL editor
Full R & Python notebooks
Flexible editing environment that supports multiple queries and charts
More than just dashboards
Mode goes from basic bar charts to interactive applications.
Customizable reporting with branded themes, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Tell better data stories with narrative text
White-label embeds for in-product reporting