Update your profile

Your user profile allows you to customize your Mode experience across all of the Mode organizations where you are a member. To update your profile, start by navigating to the Mode home page and signing in if you aren’t already:

  1. Click on your name in the upper left corner of the window and click My Account.
  2. Click on Profile under Account Settings.

Here you’ll find a number of tabs containing settings for your profile that will be common across for your experience throughout Mode:

  • Details - Adjust your name, query editor theme, and time zone
  • Email - Update your email address (Note: Remember to verify your email address after updating it)
  • Password - Update your Mode password
  • Avatar - Change the avatar associated with your user account. If you have a Gravatar account, you can link it on this page to use your Gravatar as your Mode avatar.

Verify your email address

You can access much of Mode’s public functionality without verifying your email address. However, if you’d like to join organizations and access private data, you will need to verify your email address.

When you create an account or update your email address, Mode automatically sends you an email asking you to confirm your email address. To verify your email, simply click the link in that email.

Delete your account

Deleting your account will delete any reports you created against the Mode Public Warehouse and delete any data you uploaded to the Mode Public Warehouse. Reports created inside of any other organization will not be deleted—other members inside that organization will still have access to those reports.

  1. From the Mode homepage, click on your account dropdown menu in the upper left.
  2. Click Account.
  3. Click Delete account… in the lower right corner.
  4. Type your username in the text box and click Permanently Delete Account.

Merge two user accounts

Contact our success team to request a user account merge.

Leave an organization

If you are the only admin of an organization, you cannot leave the organization until you make another member an admin.

  1. Navigate to your Mode homepage
  2. Click on your name in the upper left corner.
  3. Click Organization Settings from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click the Details tab under the Organization header on the left side.
  5. Click the leave button Leave under Actions.
  6. Confirm you want to leave this organization by clicking the Leave button again.

What happens when you leave a Mode organization

Leaving an organization does not delete your Mode account, even if you leave all organizations in which you are a member. When you leave an organization:

  • Any assets (e.g., reports, code, etc.) created by you inside the Mode organization are retained and will remain accessible by the remaining users in the organization. These assets will continue to show your name as the owner.
  • Any report in your personal Space will remain in your personal Space and remain accessible by any member of the organization in possession of the report URL.
  • An admin of the organization can invite you back to the organization at any time.

API tokens

API tokens allow you connect to Mode’s API programmatically. An API token is used instead of your email address and account password whenever you programmatically authenticate to Mode with basic authentication.

WARNING: Remember to store your API token and password securely. Do not expose the password on public sites, in client-side code, or in public code repositories.

You can create or destroy API tokens for your Mode user account from your account’s settings:

  1. Navigate to your Mode homepage.
  2. Click on your name in the upper left corner and click My Account.
  3. Click on API Tokens on the left side.

To generate a new API token and password, enter a token name and click Create token. You will then see the following:

New API token

The credentials are comprised of two parts:

1) Token: The public component of the credential. Often referred to as the the username or access key during authentication.

2) Password: The private component of the credential. Often refereed to as the password or access secret during authentication.

API tokens are tied to your Mode user account, not to a specific Mode organization. An API token and password generated for your Mode account will provide access to all resources your user account has access to across all Mode organizations to which you belong.

Click Delete next to any current token that you would like to invalidate.

Last updated May 17, 2018