1. Follow the steps to connect a database with Direct Connect.
  2. Select Amazon Athena from the list of databases.
  3. Fill out your AWS region to be formatted like us-west-2.
  4. The AWS Access Key and Access Secret should be for the AWS user you want to connect through. When creating an Athena connection, we recommend creating a user in AWS that only has access to the data you want to query through Athena. For data you want to query, the AWS user only needs read access.
  5. The S3 Results Directory should be a bucket where Athena can write query results. For this bucket, the AWS user specified above needs read and write access. The bucket should be a full S3 url (e.g., s3://acme/my/athena/bucket)
  6. Click Connect. You will land on a page that displays your database schema.

IMPORTANT: Mode connects to Athena using the JDBC driver. To ensure that you can use the Athena JDBC driver versions 2.0.5 or greater, add the athena:GetQueryResultsStream policy action to the list of policies for Athena in your AWS console. Learn more about the Athena JDBC driver, including upgrading from versions older than 2.0.5. Additionally, ensure that port 444 is open to outbound traffic.

Last updated August 21, 2020