Answer new questions
in changing times

Mode’s analytics workflows, extensible visualizations, and live data explorations are purpose-built to improve care.

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Mode helps us deliver healthcare done differently. It’s a great way to churn through a lot of data quickly—and rapidly iterate.

Purpose-built to improve care

Optimize clinical technologies and methods, distribute resources, and improve patient outcomes—quickly.

Explore quickly

Explore data sets without building new models or re-running large queries using SQL, Python, and R notebooks and Helix-powered analysis of millions of rows.

Identify trends

Use mix-and-match building blocks to navigate drilldowns, build interactive dashboards, and craft custom reports with powerful visualization libraries.

Share knowledge

Empower teams to share findings, spread knowledge, and improve care with drag-and-drop exploration of live data sets. Share and publish with one click.

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Adopting Mode has opened new doors. Patient providers see Mode-powered visualizations detailing patients’ progress and the additional context lets them focus on delivering action based on what they learn.