Write SQL once, use it everywhere

With Mode's analytics platform, you can create reusable, SQL-based logic your whole team can count on.

SQL, Python, & Custom Reporting in One Platform

Explore Your Data

Connect your database to write, run, and save SQL queries. Pass results to integrated Python notebooks for further analysis.

Build Charts & Dashboards

Layer visualizations on top of SQL & Python results in just a few clicks. The data stays connected so you can re-run report easily.

Share Insights Easily

Share reports with any team at your company. From our Slack integration to email scheduling, it's never been easier to share results.

Save time & build trust with Definitions

Save Time Writing Queries

Save common SELECT statements as Definitions, and reference them quickly in other queries throughout the platform. When your schema changes, update a Definition once and it will update reports automatically.

Simplify SQL for Everyone

Definitions abstract away complex joins and database knowledge, so that analysts can set the logic once and give business partners the confidence to pull the right data with simpler queries.

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