SQL, Python, & visualizations in one platform

Mode helps analysts and data scientists improve their workflow and share impactful analysis easily.

Explore Your Data

Connect your database to write, run, and save SQL queries. Pass results to integrated Python notebooks for further analysis.

Build Visualizations

Mode comes pre-loaded with Python's go-to libraries for data visualization. Build charts and curate the most meaningful results.

Share Analysis Easily

Present what matters, code free. Report viewers can self-serve, or see the entire Notebook in just a few clicks.

Free Up Time to Break New Ground

Say goodbye to tedious imports and exports, reuse pre-existing analysis easily, and save time for impactful work. Integrated SQL, Python and reporting tools cure the headaches of a disjointed workflow.

Empower Teams to Self-Serve

Using query parameters, business partners can modify data-connected reports and pull data on their own. Results stay fresh, which means you get fewer repeat requests.

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