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Share Python analysis without screenshots & PDFs. Open up access to insights through tightly integrated SQL, Python, and charting tools.

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Connect your database to write, run, and save SQL queries. Pass results to integrated Python notebooks for further analysis.

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Mode comes pre-loaded with Python's go-to libraries for data visualization. Build charts and curate the most meaningful results.

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Present what matters, code-free and screenshot-free. Report viewers can self-serve, or see the entire Notebook in just a few clicks.

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Empower Teams to Self-Serve

Interactive dashboards and query parameters allow stakeholders to explore data on their own. Data-connected reports allow users to refresh results anytime.

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Integrated SQL, Python, and reporting tools cure the headaches of a disjointed workflow. Say goodbye to tedious imports and exports, reuse pre-existing analysis easily, and save time for impactful work.

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