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Write SQL, share ad-hoc analysis, and build interactive dashboards to help everyone make better decisions.

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Explore Your Data

Connect your database to write, run, and save SQL queries. Pass results to integrated Python notebooks for further analysis.

Build Charts

Layer visualizations on top of SQL & Python results in just a few clicks. The data stays connected so you can re-run report easily.

Share Answers Instantly

Curate charts and tables into interactive dashboards, and share them easily with any team at your company.

Works with your Data

Out of the box integrations with the world's most popular databases

Powerful Reports
& Dashboards

Empower Teams to Self-Serve

Interactive dashboards and query parameters allow stakeholders to explore data on their own. Data-connected reports allow users to refresh results anytime.

Customize Anything

Build dashboards using a variety of out-of-the-box themes and chart types, or use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create completely custom visualizations.

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