Use Core Concepts for Better Analysis in 2021
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Use Core Concepts for better analysis in 2021

  • Create a single source of truth for your data

  • Track metrics for strategy, not status

  • Build with Mode expertise

core concepts illustion
core concepts illustion

Why Core Concepts?

Core Concepts is a suite of Mode reports designed to help everyone in your organization answer their most important questions.

Why set it up in the new year?

Prepare stakeholders to respond quickly to unpredictable change and new discoveries in 2021 with access to critical metrics.

See if your early Q1 initiatives are succeeding
with Core Concepts.

Help people get the data
that’s right for them

  • Increase discovery

    Make it easy for teams to find the appropriate data for further analysis.

  • Improve documentation

    Clarify reports to help everyone draw the best conclusions from featured analysis.

  • Intercept duplication

    Reduce reports that can cause confusion as two dueling sources of truth.

  • Prevent data decay

    Avoid outdated data with a single, well-maintained data model.

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Core Concepts