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Get the most out of Visual Explorer

Create visualizations

Visual Explorer Field Guides
Step-by-step examples of possible visualizations you can build as starting points for your analysis.
Documentation page
Documentation on our help site including details on building, sorting, and formatting in Visual Explorer, as well as how to incorporate Quick Calculations.

Explore large data sets and quickly test hypotheses

Visual Explorer for Your Data Team
Decision makers need insights from their data teams to run a strong business. This paper covers how Visual Explorer improves BI across the company.
Get Oriented: The Visual Explorer Landscape
This webinar will give you a strong understanding of Visual Explorer's building blocks to ensure you can take advantage of its power and flexibility.
Using Layers for Multi-Dimensional Data in Visual Explorer
Mode’s Visual Explorer has several layer options that allow you to communicate the multi-dimensionality of your data visually. Layers, which have properties such as color, size, text and detail, allow you to contextualize the data in your visualizations and provide clarity for other team members accessing the data.
Creating Quick Calculations in Visual Explorer
Find out what calculation types are available in Visual Explorer as well as the specification options you can use to get exactly the metrics you need for your analysis.
Data-Driven Storytelling with Visual Explorer
Learn more about our flexible graphing system, Visual Explorer, and how it can support your data-driven storytelling. We’ll walk through specific use cases and examples for using the array of visualization options.

Further resources for customers

Quick Start Guide to Visual Explorer
Learn how to use Visual Explorer for in-depth, ad-hoc or self-serve data exploration and visualization in this Mode University training course. For Mode customers, login required.

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