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April 15, 2015 1 minute read

Enjoy Your Pie (And Other New Charts) A La Mode

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Emily Ritter


Charts. We love them. And while we prefer actual pie to pie charts, we're excited to serve up a delicious new set of chart types a la Mode (we've been making that joke since day one, and finally have the pie to go with it).

Here's a quick overview of the new chart types, featuring data about one of our other favorite types of food: burritos. The data comes from FiveThirtyEight's epic Burrito Bracket.

Pie Charts


Donut Charts

Yum again.

Bubble Charts

For when a scatter plot just isn't enough.

Stacked Area Charts

You can also make 100% stacked area charts.

We're Here For You

Want to see all the new charts on one page? Check out this list.

If you have feedback or new feature requests, please don't hesitate to reach out via email, Twitter, or using Intercom. Enjoy the pie a la Mode!

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