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Analytics Dispatch 11/30/2020

Indigenous AI

Indigenous AI Position Paper
"This paper is a starting place for those who want to design and create AI from an ethical position that centers Indigenous concerns. It is an attempt to capture multiple layers of a discussion that happened over 20 months, across 20 timezones, during two workshops, and between Indigenous people..." - Indigenous AI

Save Your Hands and Save Your Time: Rethinking How to Use a Keyboard
This video tutorial gets high praise from the Lead Data Scientist at OnlineMedEd: “If you want to learn more about setting up powerful keyboard shortcuts, this is absolutely worth 19 minutes of your time. Chock-full of practical examples.” - egghead.io

State of Data Science and Machine Learning 2020
Cloud computing is on the rise. Scikit-learn is the most popular machine learning tool. And data scientists are still overwhelming young and male. - Kaggle

The Four Jobs of the Data Scientist
A good data scientist is required to be four different people: a scientist, statistician, systems engineer, and politician. - Simply Statistics

Building a Gigascale ML Feature Store with Redis, Binary Serialization, String Hashing, and Compression
“Our benchmarking results indicated that Redis was the best option, so we decided to optimize our feature storage mechanism, tripling our cost reduction. Additionally, we also saw a 38% decrease in Redis latencies, helping to improve the runtime performance of serving models.” - DoorDash Engineering

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