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Analytics Dispatch 5/21/2018

An abundance of Ns

The US has more baby names than ever—but they all sound the same
In 1991, it took fewer than 100 girl’s names to make up more than 80% of all common names given to girls. Today, it takes over 250. But that doesn't mean parents are getting more creative and individualistic. - Quartz

purrr tutorial
This is a wealth of great examples and how-tos for learning how to use purrr—an R package for transforming data. - Jenny Bryan

Smart Compose: Using Neural Networks to Help Write Emails
The engineers behind Smart Compose—a Gmail feature that offers sentence completion suggestions as you type—dig into how they tackled the challenges of fairness and privacy, latency, and scale. - Google AI Blog

Feature Engineering and Selection: A Practical Approach for Predictive Models
This book on predictive modeling is about 60% done and the authors are looking for feedback. The section on Engineering Numeric Predictors alone is fantastic. - Max Kuhn and Kjell Johnson

LaCroixColoR - LaCroix Color Palettes for R
“Choose from 20 different LaCroix flavors—quench your thirst!” - johannesbjork

New from Mode

9 Useful R Data Visualization Libraries for Any Discipline
With over 12,000 packages listed in R's official repository, CRAN, it can be hard to know where to start. That's why we compiled a list of our 9 favorite data viz packages.

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