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Analytics Dispatch 9/12/2016

The state of data engineering

Asking good questions is hard (but worth it)
Although this framework is written from a programmer's perspective, it's a great read for analysts and the folks who ask them questions day-in and day-out. - Julia Evans

Introduction to Data Visualization with Altair
Looking for a new Python data viz library? Try out Altair, which does some of the visualization work for you by attempting to interpret your data and make reasonable assumptions about how to display it. - Practical Business Python

Goodbye, Ivory Tower. Hello, Silicon Valley Candy Store.
Some economists are trading in their professorships for tech jobs: “Instead of thinking about national or global trends, they are studying the data trails of consumer behavior to help digital companies make smart decisions that strengthen their online marketplaces in areas like advertising, movies, music, travel and lodging.” - The New York Times

The State of Data Engineering
What makes a data engineer, well, a data engineer? And why does it feel like everyone is looking to hire one? This new study of LinkedIn data reveals that the number of data engineers doubled from 2013-2015, but demand still far outpaces supply. - Stitch Data

Swing States: How changes in the political landscape benefit Trump
The increasing polarization of the U.S. electorate has made old-fashioned election blowouts essentially impossible. This election cycle demonstrates how changing demographics leave only a few swing states up for grabs. - The Guardian

New from Mode

Last week we launched a big redesign and added a trio of new features that help data-driven teams collaborate:

  • Spaces: Organize reports around a team, project, or common theme to access analysis faster.
  • Definitions: Save time and build trust with reusable, SQL-based logic.
  • Access Controls: Maintain fine-grain control of your organization's data.

Read the announcement or sign up for a free 14-day trial to see the new features in action!

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