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SQL Editor for Amplitude behavioral data, stored in Amazon Redshift

Your Amplitude data has a story. Mode helps you tell it.

Amplitude is a great tool to understand your app's behavioral data. But sometimes you need to explore raw data in ways completely unique to your business and in ways no out-of-the-box dashboard can predict. Mode's powerful query and visualization tools can help to turn your behavioral data from Amplitude into actionable data stories.

Amplitude provides mobile analytics that helps companies leverage data to drive user growth. Customers can get query access to raw data stored in Amazon Redshift.

One Platform. Your Entire Analytics Workflow.

Mode is built by analysts for analysts. We connect people and data to drive your entire business forward, faster.


Online SQL Editor

Browse your database schema and write queries right in your browser.


Turn Queries Into Charts

Explore query results visually. Build powerful reports and dashboards in minutes.


Analysis, Meet Version Control

Stop rewriting queries. Access previous query runs and search for related projects.


Send Links, Not Screenshots

Every report lives at a shareable URL so you can deliver data to anyone, anywhere in your organization.

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