Answer More Complex Product Questions with Mode

Flexible SQL editor that goes beyond models and out-of-the-box charts.
Powerful A/B testing using any metric, not just clicks.
Convenient scheduling and sharing through Slack, email, or URL.

Let’s talk about up-leveling your product analytics.

We’ll evolve with you as your data grows in volume and complexity.



Deeper A/B testing and advanced
analysis with Python and R
Answer questions that you never thought to ask.
A/B tests for any metric
Full R & Python notebooks
Easy collaboration across your data and product analytics teams
Flexibly analyze data with SQL
Analyze data the way you want to,
not the way your data model wants you to.
Data aggregation across systems outside of product, app, and browser
Flexible reactive analysis of non-predefined events
Native SQL editor
Up-level the data analysis skills of your product team
Less noise, higher-quality data
Not every event is worth analyzing, so don’t.
Analysis of selected events, not all events
Ad-blocker proof, since event tracking doesn’t have to rely on JS
Flexible event naming - no more brittle exact string matches
Easy scheduling and sharing for reports
Schedule for reports to run on a regular cadence. Share through Slack, email, or URL.
Report and chart-sharing with links, instead of screenshots
Auto-refresh SQL, Python, and R reports on a regular cadence